Regarding Our CBD Products

PayPal has legal restrictions on CBD products, so we are no longer able to accept payment for these products via our site.

We will continue to stock Colorado CBD products, and ask that our customers place their order via the contact form . You will receive an invoice with a secure link for payment, and your item will be shipped once your payment is made. Alternatively, you may place your order over the phone by calling our office at 646.414.4000

Please note that shipping prices are based on distance, and set by shipping companies- not Gemmos LLC.

Pricing is as follows:

CBD Lotion

200mg/4oz - 32.50 (plus shipping, price TBD)

400mg/4oz - 57.50 (plus shipping, price TBD)

CBD Oil Oral

500mg/60mL - 70.00 (plus shipping, price TBD)

1000mg/60mL - 112.00 (plus shipping, price TBD)

1500mg/60mL 148.00 (plus shipping, price TBD)

Michael Schlegel