Gemmos USA

was founded to distribute revolutionary concentrated Gemmotherapy products and education. We wanted to create the same popularity for Gemmotherapy in the United Sates as exists in Europe. Many of our doctors requested us to carry complementary products of similar high quality. To better serve our healthcare professionals, become a more important supplier and lower their effective shipping costs, Gemmos added new established product lines. Our doctors now appreciate our objectivity in helping them identify the best solution to their issues without the temptation of promoting a single product or therapy.

Gemmotherapy products are made from buds and young shoots from trees and shrubs to make concentrated extracts. Gemmotherapy has been called Plant Stem Cell Therapy because of its focus on the embryonic tissue of plants. These are freshly picked and prepared to ensure maximum vitality, action and effectiveness. The buds are composed primarily of developing tissue and, thus, possess all the properties and energy of the adult plant. They also contain many active substances which are no longer present once the plant is fully developed.

Gemmos LLC distributes these complementary product lines:

HerbalGem/Gemmobase Gemmotherapy of Belgium – Over 70 concentrated Gemmotherapy (buds & young shoots) single bud extracts, 20 complexes, a variety of syrups, birch saps and ointments imported from Herbal Gem in Belgium.

Holistica Oligophytum & Dermophytum of France - Holistica offers the Dermophytum 100% natural regenerative skin care line as well at Oligophytum Trace Elements. Oligotherapy works well with gemmotherapy and we are thrilled to include it in our list of products.

Colorado CBD - COCBD produces the highest quality natural cannabidoil extract oils and topical lotions. Please see this page for information on how to place an order for our CBD products, due to Paypal legal restrictions.