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Ingredients: Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) buds, Ficus carica (Fig); essential oils of : Lavendula off. (Lavender), Angelica arch. (Angelica), and Citrus aur. (Neroli-Bitter Orange); aroma of Cananga od. (Ylang-Ylang)

Other Ingredients: Alcohol (35% Vol), Glycerin, Water

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Anti-Stress Complex
Calmigem helps to reduce anxiety and stress due to the action of two buds and four essential oils: the bud of Fig is already well known for its relaxing properties. The essential oils contained in this complex act at a different level: Lavender has an energetic detox role at the psychic level; Ylang-Ylang promotes a feeling of security; Angelica helps combat emotional instability; Bitter Orange acts quickly in psychological shock. The dubs of Black Currant enhance the actions of the Fig buds and the essential oils.

Suggested Use: For adults, 2 sprays (one in each nostril) several times a day or as recommended by your health care provider.