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Prunus amygdalus (Sweet Almond) buds, Tilia tomentosa (Lindend Tree), Betula species (Birch), Olea europea (Olive) young shoots, Rosmarinus off. (Rosemary) young shoots, essential oils of Mentha pip. (Peppermint) and Rosmarinus off. (Rosemary, natrual aroma of Cedrus libani (Cedar).

Other Ingredients:
Alcohol (35% Vol), Glycerin, Water

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Anti-Cholesterol Complex.
Olive, Rosemary, and Sweet Almond contribute to the removal of fatty substances present in the blood vessels. The buds of Birch and Linden Tree help to eliminate waste products and to detoxify the body. The essential oil of Peppermint helps the digestive process; Cedar and Rosemary exerts a decongesting action. This synergy helps to equilibrate the lipd profile by stabilizing the levels of "good cholesterol" and in reducing the 'bad cholesterol" levels.

Suggested Use:
10 drops before each meal, pure or diluted in water.